Pappas will additionally oversee day-to-day operations and will work closely with founder and chief mommy Amanda Rogaly.

Pappas, who has been with BabyYumYum since its inception in 2016, was previously the social media manager and then technology and innovation manager at BabyYumYum.

"Throughout her career at BabyYumYum, Pappas has contributed significantly to the growth of the business and has been key in implementing processes and SEO — elevating our community to more than 500 000 members and achieving exceptional engagement rates," says the team at BabyYumYum.

Pappas cocnludes that BabyYumYum has the potential for significant further growth as it enters a scale-up phase, as it has a dynamic team that is perfectly positioned to continue its motto of being the 'top parenting portal' and the fastest-growing parenting community in South Africa.

BabyYumYum has indicated that its platform has seen significant growth from both an advertiser's spend and engaged followers growth. 

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