Ayanda Makehma, a 22-year old public management and governance student at the Central University of Technology, received financial assistance to help clear student debt that was prohibiting her from receiving her qualification.

Prior to studying public management and governance, Ayanda did a Community Development Work course, which also involved work-integrated learning at a local hospice. Through the station's competition, Makehma will now receive her CDW certificate.

According to Lindiwe Mtwentula, OFM's marketing manager, student debt is a huge obstacle preventing many students to move forward in life. "A student cannot graduate until all outstanding accounts at the higher education institution have been settled," says Mtwentula.

"As a result, many students cannot graduate despite passing all their subjects and qualifying for the degree because of crippling student debt. This is why we created the '#FreeYourFuture competition' — to help one person to finally graduate and embark on their career path," Mtwentula concludes.

2020 is the second year that the '#FreeYourFuture' competition has taken place. To be considered for financial assistance, individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 had to e-mail their:
  • contact details
  • motivation
  • account
  • proof of enrolment, and
  • a copy of their ID’s to the station.
For more information, visit www.ofm.co.za. You can also follow OFM on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.