The youth-focused station says that it will continue to highlight South African music, as it has done in the past, with the aim to provide a launchpad for local musicians and their careers. 

"By showing 100% support for local music, artists can enjoy the benefits of their hard work by receiving their royalties for music played on the station, as well as driving listeners to streaming platforms where they can purchase and consume the artists’ music," says the team at the station. 

The shows to be implementing an hour to local music includes: 
  • Y Mornings
  • Krunch with Khutso
  • The Shakedown
  • The Best Drive, and
  • Anathi’s Nights on Y.
YFM has expressed its concern over the plight of the livelihoods of artists as an effect of COVID–19. According to the station, the pandemic is leaving musicians without an income earned from live shows and other avenues.

With this in mind, the station has indicated that supporting the county's local music is important and so it strives to provide a 'mic' for South Africa's culture, creative flair and sound.

"YFM has seen many local artists playlisted for the first time, seeing the careers of South African acts take off," says Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng, YFM's programming manager.

"The station has played local music on high rotation, thanks to our own DJs who have a massive network and direct access to up and coming artists, who can quickly identify what makes a hit and what makes a superstar," cocnludes Diaho-Monaheng.

YFM says that the more support that artists receive from stations and venues, the more the arts can then contribute to healthy economic activity in the entertainment sector and the more opportunities there will be for the creative arts.

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