Great people come and go out of this world, but only a few leave behind legacies that resonate for decades. 

In the wake of George Floyd's murder, the subsequent protests for racial justice across the world and the call for diversity and inclusion of Black people and people of colour, Mandela's values and personal ideals are as relevant today as they were over five decades ago.

Mandela was at the forefront of boldly pushing for the economic and societal empowerment of the marginalised, while embodying the living example of co-existence working with people of different races, religions and social classes. He worked towards a common goal.

This message of building bridges resonates with us at the Africa Channel. We seek to build bridges between Africa and the world by reinforcing the continent's positive narratives and highlighting the diverse scope of contemporary Africa from across the continent.

Through diverse content and programming, Africans and Africans in the diaspora are seen and heard in ways that counteract monolithic and negative narratives, leading to greater understanding, more positive awareness and greater collaborations.

Our contribution to economic empowerment within our sector is to provide opportunities for Black content creators to amplify and monetise their work. In addition, by investing in developing the capabilities of the many talented African creatives on the continent and in the diaspora, we will enable them to share more diverse stories that facilitate understanding and create deeper dialogue and connections.

Beyond the symbolism of the fight against inequality — as seen in the recent protests, solidarity marches and hashtag campaigns — we believe that direct action needs to be taken by brands, organisations and institutions to continue Madiba's march towards impactful and lasting change.

Organisations and global influencers need to move from advocating for social justice and equality to direct investment and commitment to enforce diversity. This is by ensuring bold action and creating opportunities at all levels across all sectors.

Today more than ever, as the world reflects on Madiba's lasting legacy, we should all be inspired to make a renewed commitment to change and stand in solidarity with those demanding justice, equal opportunities and economic empowerment for all around the world.

Finally, as we celebrate the birthday of one of Africa's greatest leaders, we also mourn the loss of Zindzi Mandela, another icon of positive change. 

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