According to the expo, fans can look forward to three days comprising interactive streamed content that they can pick and choose from at their leisure. The expo adds that, because it is online, the rAge event can even be enjoyed around a braai (or anywhere with an Internet connection). 

As most events this year have gone into the cloud because of the pandemic, virtual events are becoming more seamless and commonplace, says the team behind the expo.

Michael James, founder and project manager of rAge, says, "We've learned a lot from attending other online events throughout the year and have been making notes on what we liked and what we didn't." 

"We believe we've created a unique virtual experience that might not be what you've come to love and enjoy about a physical rAge Expo, but we hope it will keep you going until we can all connect with each other again in person," adds James.

"rAge Digital Edition takes place from Friday, 6 November to 8 November. And while it may not be quite the same experience fans are used to, it's hopefully a good different. It's our 18th birthday so we would love for you to join us as we celebrate all our favourite things about gaming," concludes James.

Individuals are encouraged to book online for free.

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