The station says that it will look at a variation of different scenarios in the support of mental health.

These include:
  • sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace and mental health
  • gender-based violence in relationships and mental health
  • nutrition
  • exercise and mental health, and
  • chronic illness and mental health.
According to the South African Journal of Human Resource Management,  77.8% of South Africans have experienced workplace bullying. The radio station has indicated that, in light of this, it spoke to TV presenter Sue Pyler about her experience of workplace bullying, and also heard the story of Anthony Galloway from LEAP who gave away a Time Management Course to reduce workplace stress.

The radio station also reports that call centres saw a 65% increase in gender-based violence reports during lockdown. Next week, it will then speak to gender-based cviolence activist Susana Kennedy about her story, as well as give away a spa weekend at Mowana Spa for a lucky listener to promote stress-free relationships.

"We will also be speaking to nutritionist Welmar Pienaar from Plenertude on how to reduce your daily stress with diet and exercise and be giving away a golf experience at Jackal Creek Golf Estate," adds the station.

"We also chat to breast cancer survivor Jeanine Du Toit about the effect of a chronic illness on your mental health and we are giving away an areola tattoo, courtesy of Tattoos By Ling," the station says.

According to The South African College of Applied Psychology, 27% of South Africans reporting severe mental illness ever receive treatment. "Don't be ashamed — speak out this October with Mix 93.8 FM and support the cause," the radio station concludes.

Mix 93.8 FM has additionally launched its Mix 93.8 FM app, which is now available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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