Independent Media says that the need for media-based special investigation units has become ever more important — particularly in South Africa, where its future depends on corporate and political transparency and ethical standards.

The media's role in uncovering those people and deeds that are in conflict with the vision for a united and sustainable South Africa is critical, adds the company.

"Spearheading this division, tasked with in-depth investigation, requires someone with a set of skills that includes not only the journalistic ability to sniff out a story and write it but a detail-oriented, cool head able to keep their wits about them under potentially challenging conditions," says Independent Media.

"Dlamini fits that to a tee, as behind his quiet demeanour, sits an always-on razor-sharp mind with ears to the ground that are always listening," adds Independent Media.

"I am honoured that the company has entrusted me to lead such an elite team. I would like to thank the chairperson Dr Iqbal Survé and the group editor Aneez Salie for this opportunity, along with my gratitude to my colleagues for whom I have the greatest respect," says Dlamini.

"I am looking forward to the challenge this role brings with it and to playing my part in continuing to unearth the stories that need to be told," Dlamini adds.

Independent Media's special investigation unit focuses on reporting on matters that are as yet untold, and that are of public importance. These are particularly related to business operations and political dealings that have a material impact on the laws of the land and South Africa's Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The unit strives to ensure a proper balance between the information it discloses and the protection and privacy of those from whom it obtains and verifies its information.

Survé says, "Sizwe has been a valuable contributor to the group over a number of years. He is an excellent writer, level-headed, thorough and determined when it comes to chasing the truth."

"His promotion to editor is well-deserved and I have no doubt that his contributions to the group and to South Africa's civil society at large, will be much appreciated," concludes Survé.

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