The show also leads into 947's flagship morning drive show Anele and the Club on 947, where Alex Caige is also a member.

"As an early bird myself, I just love this time of day. It's when people are feeling fresh, energetic and preparing for the day ahead," says Caige. "I love the idea that every day offers a new opportunity to make a difference in life. My show speaks to that energy and optimism."

Thando Makhunga, station manager at 947, concludes, "The revamped show speaks to the working mom who's already up preparing school lunches, the 'Joburger' hitting the gym and the go-getter prepping for that big meeting later in the day."

Daybreak with Alex Caige on 947 airs every Monday to Friday from 05:00 to 06:00, starting Monday, 11 January.

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