He will aim to draw parallels between the iconic leagues featured on both ESPN and ESPN 2, as well as the country's own sporting leagues, in an effort to help explain some of the facets of American sports that have intrigued audiences for years.

O'Connor also does occasional pieces of social commentary on South African cultural nuances. Viewers are encouraged to catch the on-air campaign across both ESPN and ESPN 2, as well as National Geographic, National Geographic Wild and Fox.

Viewers can also connect to @ESPNAfrica across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as Africa.espn.com, to keep up to date with the latest from O'Connor, the world of American Sports and beyond.

"This local brand collaboration with Bob O'Connor will walk side by side with fans as we kick off an action-packed year for sport on the ESPN channels in 2021," says Evert van der Veer, vice president of Media Networks, The Walt Disney Company Africa. 

"His self-deprecating humour and signature comedy style are a treat to watch, while also being invaluable in explaining American sporting leagues to viewers and fans across the continent," concludes van der Veer.

For more information, visit www.africa.espn.com