"We had this awesome conversation about smoothies on-air," says Anele Mdoda, host of the show. "We decided as Joburg's leading breakfast show, we need our very own bespoke breakfast creation. So, we called on Sir Fruit to help us make it happen."
The stations says that its campaign kicked off with hundreds of smoothie recipes being received from listeners. "After extensive (and sometimes hilarious) testing, the team decided on a juicy blend of ingredients: mango, pineapple, passion fruit, carrot, orange, chia seeds and yogurt," says the station. 

Roanne Goldsmith, head of marketing at Sir Fruit, says, "We love the idea of creating something really delicious specifically for the 'Joburgers'. Anele and the Club are such a fun group of people; I think the smoothie is just as special as they are."

After the ingredients were finalised, the show asked listeners to come up with a name. More than 2 300 suggestions were received, says the station.

With the most votes coming from Joburg listeners, the new name was confirmed to be 'It takes two to mango'.

"It tastes like a bottled Johannesburg sunrise," concludes Mdoda. "It was created by the people of Johannesburg, powered by Sir Fruit and I think it reflects who we are. It's healthy, smooth, sunny and packed with energy. One bottle of our smoothie and you're powered up to take on the day. Or at least Joburg traffic."

Listeners can win the limited-edition smoothie by listening to Anele and The Club on 947 between 06:00 and 09:00 from Monday to Friday. The smoothie will be available online at www.sirfresh.co.za from Monday, 15 February. The cost stands at R59.99 for four units and the ingredients include:
  • mango
  • pineapple
  • passion fruit
  • carrot
  • orange
  • chia seeds, and
  • yogurt.
For more information, visit www.947.co.za. You can also follow 947 on Facebook or on Twitter.