With What's Your Poison?, Savage says that he encourages guests to feel like they are chatting to a friend rather than being interviewed. The guests get no introduction and drinks are poured.

"I started What’s Your Poison? again as a bit of fun in the middle of lockdown in lieu of being able to go out or see anyone," Savage says. "I love my whiskies so the basic idea was to just spend some time with different personalities and just talk. What happens naturally is that the whisky, plus my silliness, takes the interviews into all sort of weird places, often creating some of the most memorable stories from your favourite artists you'll ever hear."

As the second season continues to take off, Savage promises "more enticing, stimulating and captivating content with some big names already confirmed for the remainder of the season".

Savage adds that he doesn't like to prepare too many questions in advance and enjoys letting the conversation evolve organically. "I genuinely believe that these are some of the best interviews you've ever heard with some of these people."

"I can't take credit for that, but the whisky can! The entire format of the show manages to get people to tell stories they wouldn't ordinarily," concludes Savage.

Over the next few weeks, Savage will have conversations with:
  • Vusi Nova
  • Steve Kekana
  • MacG
  • Urban Village, and
  • Prime Circle 
During his early years as a DJ on youth radio station 5FM, Savage says that he approached the idea of content creation with a different eye. He was responsible for the station's MashLab collaboration segment, which saw his single with The Parlotones and Khuli Chana nominated for a SAMA in 2014.

Over the past few years, Savage launched InBroadcasting, a division of Have You Heard, which is a business focused on innovations in broadcasting, livestreaming and content creation and which creates digital radio stations for brands.

What’s Your Poison? has new episodes premiering weekly on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and on YouTube and can be found on the podcast's webiste.

For more information, visit www.jonsavage.com. You can also follow What's Your Poison? on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram