Primedia Broadcasting has indicated that it already put in place a long-term strategy to drive growth by transforming and expanding audience engagement through a range of digital channels.

As consumer and listener behaviour continues to change, Primedia Broadcasting says that it intends to follow those new preferences with the right technologies and platforms in place. This is so that it can continue to offer the best possible content and experiences to audiences and the best engagement opportunities to advertisers.

Primedia Broadcasting Interim CEO Geraint Crwys-Williams says, "Cajee's appointment represents an important investment in our new direction as a broadcaster, with a strong focus on seeking out and amplifying multi-platform, digital opportunities for ourselves and our clients."

"We believe that the optimisation and expansion of our digital value propositions, as well as the development of new channels for growth on mobile and online, will deliver an era of enhanced engagement," adds Crwys-Williams.

Cajee brings with him local and international experience leading, or co-leading, multiple strategic projects during his career. This includes the Al Jazeera Renewal Project in Doha, Qatar and the AJ+ Project, in San Francisco, United States of America. 

He has served as the interim bureau chief, as well as the head of operations of Al Jazeera International USA Inc. in Washington DC.

Cajee says, "As the CDO, I will endeavour to work closely with all my colleagues across Primedia Broadcasting to build a shared vision for us to leverage the next wave of digital innovation and audience growth in the industry."

"My goal will be to provide the support, information, insights, as well as new and refreshed platforms to create value through innovative digital tools, technologies, services and processes," adds Cajee.

The role of chief digital officer will see Cajee take over as custodian of further development of the digital strategy for Primedia Broadcasting's future; this is one that not only drives the acquisition and leveraging of new technologies and content but that also serves to embed a digital-first approach in the business.

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