"We're extremely excited about the availability of this data, particularly given the previous lack of RAMS data due to Covid-19," says BRC's CEO Gary Whitaker.

"Since Q1 2020 and our last data release, media consumption and listening habits have fluctuated and changed before settling into new radio, streaming and podcast listening behaviours and various data sources reflect this," adds Whitaker.

The interim data will be delivered to third party providers Telmar and Arianna by Wednesday, 31 March.

"Both Telmar and Nielsen have been engaged ahead of the release and both have received the questionnaire, prelim data and data map," says Whitaker. "This will assist them to start with prep-work for quick uploading of data once the final data is submitted."

The second interim data release is expected in May 2021. Surveying will take place through a combination of face to face and online interviews, which will deliver insights at a Total Radio listenership level. The assessment of the approach was completed in collaboration with, among others, the The Advertising Media Forum, a collective of media agencies and individuals including media strategists, planners, buyers and consultants.

"We have a plethora of research data coming out soon," concludes Whitaker. "This includes the second iteration of the interim radio data and the new 'future-ready' Radio Audience Measurement Survey with Ipsos as early as the end of Q2 this year. Watch this space, 2021 is going to be a great year for media research."

For more information, visit www.brcsa.org.za.