"The forge is heating up. We will be offering mobile, console and PC cups regularly, with cash prize pools. Better yet, entry into this new series of cups is free and provides space for your casual and pro players alike," says Barry Louzada, managing director at Mettlestate.

"As a performance-driven digital agency, we are looking to put ourselves to the test with our sister company Mettlestate. We act as the publisher and media owner arm of Mettlestate and are looking to translate business potential into commercial success for brands associated with what we are offering with the new partnership," says Nicolas van Zyl, managing director of nxD.

Gamers will see daily cups featuring different titles and platforms almost every day of the week with R1 000 prize pools. There will also be weekly and super cups hosted every two weeks, featuring the platform's more popular titles. These differ in pace and provide higher stakes as players battle for the win on the cup's R5 000 prize pool, says the duo.

Additionally, there will be bi-monthly ultra cups with a prize pool of R10 000.

"2021 will also see the doors open for the next generation of gamers in the form of Fortnite Minor competitions, providing a secure space for young up-and-coming girls and boys to test their mettle," says Louzada. "This lies close to the organisation's core vision of seeing an inclusive gaming environment grow within the continent.

All cups will be open to gamers globally; however, Mettlestate concludes that it has its sights firmly set on becoming the continent's largest esports platform before the end of the year.

For more information, visit www.mettlestate.com. You can also follow Mettlestate on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.