According to Kagiso Media Radio, the data product offering gives East Coast Radio and Jacaranda FM clients insights to inform decisions that communicate to the right audience with the right message to maximise ROI.

"It's more than just sound understanding of the market. It's a wider research pool, new ears for every project, less repetitions and more diversified," says Charis Coleman, Kagiso Media Radio market engagement manager.

Kagiso Media Radio adds that businesses will have access to first-party data from over one million real radio listener profiles, as well as to the broader East Coast Radio and Jacaranda FM listenership of more than two million.

Covid-19 forced Kagiso Media Radio and its media sales house, Mediamark, to rely on insights to influence strategy and to help clients, opening new opportunities to provide this resource to our advertisers. The feature now connects businesses and customers in real-time.

SoundInsights will aim to uncover insights based on a brand's target market to help the business make informed decisions. It draws from a range of radio station listeners and highlights that it will never survey the same person twice. Therefore, statistics will be more organic and genuine and more valuable.

SoundInsights can speak directly to the targeted audience and gauge their sentiments, allowing the audience to participate and share their views.

Coleman says that SoundInsights is perfect for businesses looking for new ways to grow in an evolving Covid-19-impacted landscape.

"Are you conveying the right message to the right audience, in the most impactful manner, based on facts? What do your customers really think about your brand? SoundInsights is here to enable deeper customer understanding and insight-based decisions, empowering you and your business," concludes Coleman. 

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