"For the past five years, Wessels worked as the finance editor for Bloomberg’s Middle East and Africa team, covering everything from billion-dollar bond deals and takeovers, to the inner workings of the monetary and financial systems of key economies in the region," says the team at Finance Media.

"He also participated in the Bloomberg Media Initiative for Africa, helping coach mid-career editors and reporters on how capital markets work, the use of data to tell stories, financial writing and ethics. Before joining Bloomberg in 2004, Vernon was a markets editor and a columnist for the Business Report," says the team.

The company is based in Cape Town and was established by Lisa Brouwers, chief executive officer at Finance Media, and the late Bruce Allen. It has decades of experience in media relations, financial writing and reputational management. The company says that it also has experience with banks, insurers, asset managers, healthcare funders and providers, property developers, actuarial consultants and law firms.

"I’m excited to join a company like Finance Media after working with them as a journalist and editor throughout all these years,’" Wessels says. "The company has an impressive client base, a unique issues-management service that keeps executives informed of key developments relative to their industries, and a deep understanding of financial services and markets."

Brouwers concludes, "We’re fortunate to have someone of Vernon’s calibre as a member of our highly regarded team. His extensive experience enhances our ability to serve our growing customer base."

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