Hosted by entertainer, businessman and philanthropist Steve Harvey, the game show calls on two families in each episode to compete in naming the most popular responses to gathered survey questions, in order to win cash and prizes.

The game consists of five rounds and each correctly guessed answer is worth a number of points. When a team fails to answer a question, they receive a strike. After three strikes, the opposing family has the chance to 'steal' the points on the board.

At the end of the fifth round, the losing family takes their haul home and the other family goes on to play Fast Money in a bid to win the jackpot.

The 947 team comprises:
  • Anele Mdoda
  • Frankie du Toit 
  • Cindy Poluta 
  • Thembekile Mrototo, and 
  • Ryan Janse van Rensburg.
The YFM team comprises:
  • DJ Ankletap
  • Thabo Baloyi
  • Ntsako Mkhari 
  • Kandis Kardashian, and
  • Josi Chave. 
The repeats are available on eExtra every Sunday at 13:40.

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