The brand says that it has already dropped a trailer for the new season, which spills the beans on the cast. It also reveals that host Donovan Goliath and co-hosts Mojak Lehoko, Lihle Msimang and Rouge will be joined by media personality Nina Hastie.

The brand highlights that when the first season of The Lite Show launched in 2020, it was South Africa's first-ever YouTube news talk show. It was a new concept for online entertainment in Africa and audiences were excited to see the intimate and 'Liter' side of talented stars. By the end of the season, over 1.3 million people had watched the show.

"People want to be in the know but it is hard to shift through the countless social media platforms and news channels to get the truly entertaining and remarkable nuggets. There is so much negativity in the world that we just wanted to create a platform that focused on topical news delivered in a lighthearted way. Our fans will leave in the know and feeling refreshed," says Castle Lite's brand director Silke Bucker.

The new season kicks off with its first guest Elsa Majimbo, who has captured the attention of the world with her off-the-cuff humour lockdown skits and satirical monologues.

The second season will consist of eight episodes, premiering every two weeks. The brand adds that its fans can expect to see a lot of refreshed elements in the show and a range of a-class celebrities, which will be revealed weekly.

Host of the show Donovan Goliath says that he couldn't be more excited to be back this season. "Now that we have a brand-new set and a new cast member, we are comfortable with the format and you can already feel even on episode one that there is a whole new energy," says Goliath.

"We've really spent the time getting the right guests to match our energy, so we're expecting fun, spontaneous and highly charged episodes," concludes Goliath.

Individuals are encouraged to catch The Lite Show on Castle Lite's official YouTube channel.

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