MIX 93.8 FM says that its station is all about music, positive momentum and the matchless feeling that hearing a great song gives you. At its core lies an unshakeable sense of community and everything the station does, reflects the lives of its listeners, adds the station.

"The partnership with United Stations is central to our mission to develop a powerful offering for advertisers and to position ourselves as a collaborative solutions provider that always delivers more value than expected," says station manager Kudzayi Tiribabi.

"MIX 93.8 FM now has a strong ally in United Stations, who bring the same commitment to excellence, in-depth market understanding and a vision centred around our valuable audience," says managing director Abigail Milosevich. "This partnership extends our contact with advertisers and agencies and allows us to deliver relevant, creative and effective solutions for any challenge they might be facing."

With United Station's involvement, the station will expand opportunities for clients via:

throughout its multi-dimensional ecosystem,

  • on-air
  • online
  • events
  • inside branded content
  • activations, and
  • sponsorships.
Managing director at United Stations Rivak Bunce says, "We are excited and very proud, to be working with the super talented team at MIX 93.8 FM and to have this opportunity to partner with them to grow their influence and maximise their revenues."

"MIX 93.8 FM has incredible pulling power, a highly marketable audience and is on the verge of realizing greater growth and innovation and we are delighted to be a part of that journey," concludes Bunce.

For more information, visit www.mixfm.co.za or contact [email protected]. You can also follow Mix 93.8 FM on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram