YEF strives to teach children, teenagers and young adults entrepreneurial, financial literacy and self-employment skills. It also empowers children and young adults for the changing world of work. 

According to the foundation, everything the learners have learnt through the programme will culminate in a market day, which will be held at the Langenhoven Park Market on Saturday, 4 September. Here, they will put all the knowledge gained into practice by hosting their own stand and selling their products. 

"YEF is a non-profit entity that as established with the objective of attracting donor funding and corporate sponsorship. This is in order to offer entrepreneurship and financial literacy programmes to children from disadvantaged communities. The belief is that youth unemployment, poverty alleviation and major socioeconomic change can only be achieved if an entrepreneurial culture is established in South Africa," says Nick Efstathiou, Central Media Group's CEO.

"Therefore, children need to be exposed to entrepreneurship from a very early age and their natural entrepreneurial mindset needs to be nurtured. Organisations like Central Media Group can play a major role in changing the lives of many children from disadvantaged backgrounds," adds Efstathiou.

"Together with YEF, we believe that we can inspire dreams and empower children to become the authors of their own destiny. Anyone who wants to find out more about YEF can contact Danie Jacobs at [email protected]," says Efstathiou.

"Investing in the entrepreneurial spirit is needed in an economy that needs entrepreneurs. We desire to assist learners in learning new trades and skills and to gain knowledge they can take into the economy. We are building knowledge that future generations can benefit from," concludes Efstathiou. 

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