One of the biggest hurdles brands are facing currently is how to stretch a dollar.

With budgets being scrutinised and often reduced drastically, the onus has fallen on marketing teams to penny-pinch while concurrently trying to keep the ship afloat. So, how do you do it when that all mighty dollar just isn't flowing like it used to?

GH Media Group managing director Vukile Zondi says, "Gagasi FM and Heart FM have curated and delivered their content across multiple-platforms. [This is] to drive two-way engagement with audiences, 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, which is all the more important when delivering ROI in this post-pandemic environment where every rand needs to work that much harder."

Itumeleng Lethoko, the head of business strategy and insights for GH Media Group, says, "With the audience consumption habits evolving by the day during this post-pandemic period, it is increasingly important to analyse and understand how audiences are engaging with the stations."

"Stations provide relevant content on multiple platforms, which in turn can increase the levels of engagement. Through this, brands get more out of their campaigns with the opportunity to engage through multiple touchpoints," adds Lethoko.

Brands seeking to tune back into their audiences are pairing campaign approaches with reimagined strategies that effectively address key business pain points. These are optimised for multi-touch platforms such as web, social media, mobile applications and live broadcasts. 

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