Mansfield says, "Nery and his NAG team have been involved in the gaming and tech business since 1998. They have earned the respect of everyone in their affiliated industries. We are delighted that they have agreed to partner with the Mansfield2day team to bring their insight into this space."

"It will allow us to expose their expertise and knowledge, as well as their suppliers' cutting-edge product, to our ever-growing audience on the Mansfield2day YouTube channel," adds Mansfield.

Nery says, "I am proud to be able to share content with the Mansfield2Day YouTube channel, and thus, expand the geek and pop culture ecosystem. Viewers can look forward to seeing content such as tech reviews and opinions of all the latest Internet of Things gadgets — as well as the inclusion of digital literacy and the benefits of gaming for child development."

"We will be talking hackathons, robotics, coding, chess, drones, e-sports, streamers, events, cyber wellness and online safety. And we'll introduce you to the people involved in all of this," adds Nery.

NAG and Mansfield2day's digital variety show will feature news directly from:
  • various launch events and exhibitions around the globe
  • cosplay and esports tips, and
  • world-class gaming tournaments supported by experts in their fields.
There will also be competitions, which will provide opportunities for viewers to directly engage with the hosts and win a variety of gaming and tech-related prizes.

"Our new show on Mansfield2day will give viewers an exciting look into the world of gaming and tech. But don't be fooled — we're not here to just bring you the latest and greatest; we'll be looking at retro gaming too. If you have ever wondered about what games to play and how to play them, we'll have all the answers for you," says Regardt van der Berg, NAG's editor.

"We will be creating heroes out of the young superstars of tomorrow by interviewing the South African robotics champions or e-sports teams, for example. This will be to drive eyeballs to the screen and ensure the best content goes live, as we shine a spotlight on the incredible ecosystem we are a part of," concludes Nery.

Individuals are encouraged to subscribe to the Mansfield2day YouTube channel and join NAG's growing community. 

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