It seemed like just yesterday that we explored the different types of streaming options available to South African audiences. But now that a new player has entered the ring, all eyes are on Disney+ ahead of its launch on Wednesday, 18 May

But what sets this service apart from its competitors and how will it affect the state of South African streaming? media update’s Taylor Goodman takes a look.

Let's get streaming:

What exactly is Disney+? 

Disney+ is the new kid on the block and is a streaming service by The Walt Disney Company that offers exclusive original content from:
  • Disney (of course)
  • Pixar
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars 
  • National Geographic, and
  • general programming from Star.
The array of content will include famous Disney and Pixar classics like Cinderella and Finding Nemo, as well as content like The Kardashians and Encanto

Users of this streaming service will be able to access content on up to four compatible devices that are:
  • Apple / Android TV 
  • Chrome OS 
  • Windows, and 
  • mobile phones and tablets. 
Disney+ will also be accessible to DSTV subscribers through the Explora Ultra decoder — a smart move from the Multichoice group. This is because its customers will be able to access this content through bundle deals / contracts all in one place. 


On a month-to-month basis, Disney+ costs R119 or R1 190 annually. However, the brand is offering an introductory offer of R950 for 12 months, which would allow users to save in the long run. 

Why should you use it? 

If you're a proud 'Disney Adult', we probably don't need to convince you that Disney+ will bring some magic into your life. If you are not, however, we're still sure that you've enjoyed your fair share of Disney content over the years — because who hasn't, right?

While other streaming services, like Netflix, do offer their own exclusive content, Disney has the rights to certain content that viewers won’t be able to access elsewhere. This exclusivity is a major selling point for the brand. 

What's more, Disney+ is a fitting destination for family viewing as it offers content that adults and children alike can enjoy. 

All-in-all, this would be a delightful add-on to your existing bouquet, allowing you to tailor your streaming services according to what interests you. 

How will Disney+ affect streaming services in South Africa?

These days, consumers are inundated with choices regarding which streaming platforms they subscribe to. But with this influx of options, services that were once dominating the industry are feeling the strain in their share of the market. 

Netflix, a cornerstone of the industry, recently reported a decline in subscribers for the first time in a decade. This proves that, in order to stand out in the sea of streaming, platforms that previously had no competition will have to do more to continuously stand out. 

So, streaming services such as Showmax, Vodacom Video Play and eVOD will need to ensure that they offer things South Africans really want to see and spotlight their unique local offerings. This will help them to have an edge over competitors in a local context. Otherwise, subscribers might just change over. 

What streaming service do you think is most worth it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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*Image courtesy of Unsplash