According to the station, all children test their boundaries, but when they reach their teens, they push their limits harder than ever. 

Easily influenced and starting to rebel just as they become exposed to more of life's dangers, teenagers suddenly introduce their parents and caregivers to a whole new level of worry, says the station. 

Sinovuyo is one of those teenagers, according to her mother, Mapula. The station says that listeners can meet them for the first time on Mahikeng FM (96.7) on Wednesday, 18 May.

Sinovuyo is joined will be joined by her three best friends and their caregivers.

Suzan Eriksson, co-director of Clowns Without Borders, which is one of the driving forces behind this initiative, says that her organisation collaborated widely to create a serialised radio drama that is informed by true-life evidence.

"We worked with the Department of Social Development in Northwest Province, hearing from community social workers about the lived experiences of parents and teens. This enabled us to capture issues based on real-life," adds Eriksson.

Eriksson says the idea is to encourage parents and caregivers to support each other and to come together in their communities to tackle common problems.

"To make the serial even more realistic and useful, every Thursday there will be a follow-up to the previous day's episode in the form of interviews with experts from the local support community," adds Eriksson.

"These could be social workers, nurses or community leaders, depending on who is most appropriate to address the issue dealt with that week. We're offering real hands-on insight and education," says Eriksson. 

This initiative is part of Clowns Without Borders' implementation of the Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) family strengthening programmes. 

According to the organisation, this is the first time a PLH programme has been developed for radio. Usually, the organisation holds weekly face-to-face group meetings with parents, caregivers and adolescents.

"We've reached over 500 000 children and caregivers since 2007, providing psychosocial support and violence prevention tools through theatre, play, capacity building and laughter," says Eriksson.

Eriksson concludes, "We expect that radio will extend our reach even further into communities."

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