The station says that by 1990, 702 was becoming a platform for South Africans of different racial, cultural and political backgrounds.

The station became a platform for South Africans to share their views and perspectives freely and without fear.

According to 702, the only other independent radio station in Apartheid South Africa at that time was Capital Radio 604.

By 1988, 702 had moved away from its Top 40-inspired young adult music format to a talk format. This move was stewarded by broadcasters including Stan Katz, John Berks and, later on, John Robbie.

Unfiltered, real-time and real-issue talk and listener engagement were paramount. The station says that it positioned itself to be "in touch, in tune and independent".

The station says that the magic and majesty of 702’s connectivity with its audience continues today and the station has become a highly credible voice, not only in "702 land", but across the planes of South Africa and beyond.

702 station manager Mzo Jojwana says, "On a single day, we listen to the hopes, the despair, the dreams and the disappointments of our callers. We are a source of information, comfort and of support. We are a daily companion in the lives of many of our listeners."

Jojwana adds, "For many listeners, they cannot remember a time in their lives when they did not wake up to 702. For newer listeners, it is the unfiltered talk, the helplines and the unrivalled listener interactivity that has makes 702 an essential part of their every day."

"We walk our talk, our commitment to independent journalism and our genuine interest in and concern for our community is ever-present in our community outreach programmes which are second to none," says Jojwana. 

The station says that through its 42-year life, 702 has attracted the best of the best. Among these are:
  • John Berks
  • Stan Katz
  • Xolani Gwala
  • Alex Jay
  • Cocky "Twobull" Thlotlalemaje
  • John Qwelane
  • Dan Moyane
  • John Robbie
  • Noeleen Maholwane-Sangqu
  • Debra Patta
  • Redi Tlhabi
  • Jeremy Maggs
  • Jenny Crwys-Williams
  • Shado Twala
  • Jeremy Mansfield
  • Gareth Cliff
  • Kate Turkington
  • Tim Modise, and
  • David O'Sullivan.
"With the likes of Bongani Bingwa, Clement Manyathela, Mandy Wiener, Africa Melane, Relebogile Mabotja, John Perlman, Aubrey Masango and Bruce Whitfield as our flagship talk hosts, we provide the best of real-time talk, analysis, and engagement," says Jojwana.

"On weekends, listeners are treated to the best concerts of soulful musical classics with Paul Mtirara, Kenny Maistry, Nonn Botha and Refiloe Mpakanyane. Our EWN news services are run by a devoted team to ensure top-in-class news 24 hours a day," adds Jojwana.

The station says that despite its humble beginnings, 702 was to become a trendsetter. Not only was this little independent radio station to be South Africa's first talk radio station, but many in the industry consider it to be the forefather of community radio in the country.

"We celebrate 702 for creating a platform for fearless talk and debate in the yesteryear of the apartheid era, and in a new democratic order of today. 702 has been an essential voice in the worst of times and in the best of times. Today we applaud all of those who have made this station 42 years strong," adds Primedia group CEO Jonathan Procter.

"With its kaleidoscope of authentic talk, the prism of informed debate and soulful weekends, Primedia's 702 is set to remain a vibrant and vital radio gem in Gauteng's broadcasting panorama for many years to come," Procter concludes.

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