Although social media seems like quite an informal setting for news, it has become a primary news source for many.

With 68% of South African adults logging onto these platforms to get their daily fix of reporting, it's difficult not to consider how news publications have chosen to adapt to this type of media distribution.

For one, they would have to take a more user-friendly approach to how they:
  • produce news content
  • convey stories, and
  • distribute reporting.
However, as we all know, no social media platform is the same. This means that these publications have to take things a step further and adjust their reporting in accordance with the content style and functions of every platform.

Joining the chat to find out how news reporting has adapted to each social media platform is media update's Lara Smit.

Let's read all about it:

Which social media platform do you get your news from? Let us know in the comments section below.

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*Image courtesy of Vecteezy
**Information sourced from Pew Research Center, American Press Institute, Reuters Institute and Interhacktives.