Quote This Woman+'s platform consists of an online database of over 600 expert sources.

This is made up of women and people from other marginalised groups that journalists working throughout Africa can access when looking for somebody to interview for their news stories.

The rebuild will focus on a slicker user experience with improved protection of personal information, search functionality and journalist-expert communication channels, according to the organisation.

Currently, over 1 000 journalists access Quote This Woman+'s database of experts.

QW+ director Kath Magrobi says, "With South Africa's Women's Month, this much-appreciated funding couldn't be better timed. Women make up more than 50% of the population, but they make up less than a quarter of who gets to speak in news stories."

"And when they do appear, too often it is simply to reinforce gender, racial and cultural stereotypes. As a result, we're missing out on the context that half the population brings to helping us make sense of the world we're in today," adds Magrobi. 

The tech turnaround will make it easier and faster for journalists to find women+ sources, who are generally difficult to find within their deadlines — helping to close the gender gap in who gets to make the news, adds the organisation.

With the tech build estimated to run until mid-2023, Quote This Woman+ reminds journalists, producers and editors that its current platform is good to go for all reporters looking to expand their sources and use women's voices, experts and analysts during Women’s Month - and beyond.

"From economic inequality to politics, health care, education, sexism, food justice and criminal justice — all issues are women's issues and are issues affecting groups on the margins. We believe that it is the people who are the most overlooked who are the most important to listen to, which is why our experts are drawn from the bottom of the most hierarchies," says Magrobi.

"When the same old voices — men's voices — get platformed time and again, the media becomes complicit in silencing vital narratives about our world from the lived perspective of women. Quote This Woman+ gives journalists a tool to balance the scales of gender, class, race and intersectionality as the basis of better feminism and democracy in our society," Magrobi concludes.

For more information, visit www.quotethiswoman.org.za. You can also follow Quote This Woman+ on Facebook or on Twitter