Co-sponsored for the second year by Santam, the awards aim to recognise the best of financial journalism in South Africa since 1974 and since 2013 for the whole of Africa. 

The awards cover financial journalism across print, radio, television and online platforms. The competition is open to African journalists based in Africa, working for an African news organisation and publishing or broadcasting their work on the continent. 

Essential information about the awards includes the following:
  • Entries must have been published or broadcast between Sunday, 1 January and Sunday, 31 December.
  • The landing page for the awards section on the Sanlam website can be viewed at this link.
  • Entries must be submitted using the online entry form at this link.
  • Submissions must contain three pieces of published work.
The nine categories of the awards are as follows:
  1. Business and Companies
  2. Economy
  3. Financial Markets
  4. Consumer Financial Education
  5. The African Growth Story
  6. ESG: Business and the Environment
  7. ESG: Business and Society
  8. Broadcast: Radio / Audio / Podcasting, and
  9. Broadcast: Television / Video.
According to the awards, an entry cannot be entered more than once in any category.

Karl Socikwa, Sanlam Group executive of market development and sustainability, says, "We are delighted to open all categories for financial journalists from outside South Africa. This is a significant milestone in the evolution of the awards and reinforces the competition's pan-African outlook."

"Participation in the awards from journalists across Africa has grown steadily over the past decade through the African Growth Story category. Opening entries to financial journalists across Africa is a significant development that reflects the continuing development of financial journalism in Africa at a time when credible and authoritative reporting is more important than ever," adds Socikwa.

Gugu Mtetwa, Santam Group's chief operating officer, says, "The awards are an important platform that not only acknowledges the best financial journalism on the African continent but are a critical lever for supporting our continent's progress through objective conversations in the media about business, and foster the need for development that positively impacts communities across many countries."

The independent judging panel comprises the following:
  • Nixon Kariithi (chair of the panel)
  • Charles Naude (retired business editor)
  • Ulrich Joubert (retired independent economist)
  • Ylva-Rodny Gumede (media studies and international relations academic)
  • Musa Zondi (communications consultant)
  • Angela Agoawike (communications consultant based in Nigeria)
  • Tom Indimuli (media consultant based in Kenya)
  • Emily May Brown (media studies lecturer based in Namibia)
  • Freddie Rayborn Bulley (financial journalism trainer), and
  • Aggie Asiimwe Konde (chartered marketer CIM fellow and ESG advisor in Uganda).

For more information, visit You can also follow the Sanlam Group Awards for Excellence in Financial Journalism on Facebook or on X.