Content writers are always looking for the next topic that will capture their readers' attention. 

We spend way too much time looking at trending topics, hoping there is something new and exciting that we can add to the conversation. 

Why? Because reads are what we chase. It is our bread and butter. Most often, when we write something new, people read it and move on.

Now and then, we will write something trending or groundbreaking, the hype will last a little longer and then there will be a few more reads

If you want the reads to be rolling in for a longer time, you have to write something evergreen — and no, I am not talking about environmental content. 

media update's Alrika Möller explains the secrets behind growing evergreen content. 

With the new year on our doorstep, there is a growing need for new content. Let us know what content writing help you need for 2024 in the comment section below. 

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*Image courtesy of Canva
**Sources used include Digital Marketing Institute and Semrush