Jacaranda 94.2's Just Plain Breakfast team has made a hit with their new song parody, ‘Pap en Vleis'. This song has created its own viral campaign, and thousands of people across the country and around the world have already downloaded the song parody from www.jacarandafm.com.

Darren Scott, the host of the Jacaranda 94.2 Just Plain Breakfast show, comments on the song: "Like the Zimbabwean Embassy scam call last year, it's an unbelievable feeling when you have something that gets such a great response from the public and when the song Poker Face comes on, people are singing our version!”

“Jacaranda 94.2 isn't just a radio station; we're a multimedia content provider. ‘Pap en Vleis' is destined to be the number one summer parody, apart from the airplay and audience response to the song; we've seen online hits coming from around the world. The song received just over 42 000 downloads in four days. Our new video of the song will be available soon, along with a special ‘Pap en Vleis' CD release,” comments Lloyd Madurai, Head of Talent, Content and Programming at Jacaranda 94.2.

To listen to, as well as download ‘Pap en Vleis', visit www.jacarandafm.com.