This year, Jägermeister will unleash its brand new creation, the Jäger Truck, on unsuspecting music festival goers up and down the country.

A monolithic metal beast, this ex-army truck has been radically transformed by Jägermeister into a strident-orange mobile music arena that boasts a 5 000-watt sound system; live band stage; futuristic DJ booth; and three plasma screens blasting out non-stop beats to get your festival flying.

Rock-up to the Jäger Truck and catch an intimate live show by a Jäger-music band, a blazing new talent like Die Antwoord, or a festival headliner that you’d otherwise never get the chance to see at such close quarters.

Add to this, gorgeous Jägerettes selling ice-cold Jägermeister shots and you’ve got a pass to the most surreal happening anywhere in the South Africa this year. Put it in your festival diary now to experience it for yourself. Access will be to over 18s only, and Jägermeister will be available for sale.

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Named after one of the world’s most treacherous mountain ranges, the brutal Ural military truck is one serious monster of a vehicle. A six-wheel-drive, 10-feet tall beast, this hard-nosed goliath could knock seven shades of you know what out of lightweight pretenders like the Landy or flash hopefuls like the Hummer.

With a 10-litre V8 engine tucked under its towering 1.7-metre high bonnet and self-inflating tyres built to crush everything in their path, this 10 tonne armoured power-house is tough enough to travel into terrain where most men fear to tread – deep into the wastes of Siberia, where temperatures regularly drop to -70 degrees.

Now, 20 years after it was first rolled out for active duty, this ex-East German army model has been ‘pimped’ into a vehicle more spectacular than its original manufacturers could have possibly imagined.

Bought in January 2008, it was housed in a British countryside location, where over a period of six weeks it was radically transformed by a crack-squad of engineers into the Jäger Truck, a mobile music arena so badass that if it were to make a guest appearance on Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson would strip to his smalls for the chance to clamber on board. The upgraded giant arrived in South Africa in January 2010.

With its eye-catching five metre long body; twin side-flaps that spread their wings at the touch of a button; and five-metre high self-inflating Jägermeister temple on the roof, this is no shrinking violet. Impossible to ignore, you’ll spot this daddy from miles away, whether it draws you in from the far side of a crowded festival field or sends a shiver down your spine as it throttles up the highway.

The Jäger Truck is an intelligent colossus, built with its own brain, like Kit from Knight Rider, only activated by white-hot rock, punk and metal rather than a bouffant-sporting perma-tanned mummy’s boy.

With its in-built automated sound system, including Marshall stacks; Pioneer CDJ decks; Allen & Heath mixer; and Gibson guitars, the Jäger Truck is a must-see pit stop for DJ performances and intimate impromptu live gigs.

When bands aren’t playing on stage, expect them to be hanging out at the bar; signing autographs; doing interviews; or checking out what’s on the Jäger Truck’s 40 inch plasma screen, with its blast out music videos and exclusive live footage. Hang about long enough and you’ll pick-up some free merch. There will be daily giveaways.

Of course, all this is thirsty work so there will be ice cold drinks on sale. Fitted with four Jägermeister dispensary machines, the Jäger Truck can serve 2 500 super-chilled drinks per hour! With its 20-metre bar, three fridges and arctic chill freezer, this is most definitely where the party’s at.

The truck
· Ural4320; built in 1985
· Originally used by East German army as a radar unit
· Five-metres long, three-metres tall, 2.5-metres wide
· Side ‘wings’ release automatically on hydraulics
· Cab fitted with two bucket sports seats
· Four-geared, six-wheel drive
· Self-inflating tires
· 10-litre V8 engine
· Weighs 10 tonnes
· Max speed 67mph
· Diesel-fuelled, does eight miles to the gallon!
· Total ‘footprint’ when arena fully erected 55sq feet

On board
· 5 000 watt sound system with Marshall stacks
· Four Jäger tap machines, serving 2,500 ice-cold shots per hour
· Live bands stage
· Pro DJ booth with Pioneer CDJS and Allen & Heath mixer
· Three plasma screens (1x40inch, 2x20inch)
· Gibson guitars
· Seating and tables
· PS3 w/Guitar Hero III
· 10 metre bar
· Two fridges, one chest freezer
· Jägerette service
· Five metre high, self-inflating Jäger bottle on rooftop