The complete music video collection opens up with Stars Fall Down (currently on the MTV Europe playlist.) The partly computer animated sci fi video which took a year to complete and has been adopted by the SABC Carbon Free Campaign is aptly followed by Overexposed (winner of the Best Music Video in the International Song Writing Competition, MK Best Music Video, SAMA Best Music Video and VH1 Top 10 animated music videos).

Included on the track listing are Beautiful, Dragonflies & Astronauts, Live Design (Play listed on MTV Europe, MTVU in the USA, nominated for an MK Award and an MTV Africa Award), I’ll Be There (Winner of the Loerie Kraft Award, winner of Best Music Video at the International Song Writing Competition and three MK Awards), Push Me To The Floor (Video Of The Week on Itunes USA, SAMA Video Of the Year and winner of two MK Awards) and Should We Fight Back (The second version of the 3D video that was selected to open the 3D conference in New York City before the U2 360 show)

In the last 12 months The Parlotones released the platinum selling Stardust Galaxies, which won Best Rock Album at the 2010 SAMAs, the live recording of their show at The Coco Cola Dome – Live Design, performed at the Opening World Cup Concert to a billion viewers, completed a 70 city world tour and entered three Billboard charts in the USA. It is only fitting to end of the whirl wind triumphant year with the release of the 15 track music video collection.

The Parlotones Videos DVD track listing:

1) Stars Fall Down
2) Overexposed
3) Beautiful
4) Life Design
5) Dragonflies & Astronauts
6) Here Comes A Man
7) I’m Only Human
8) Colourful
9) Funnyface
10) Giant Mistake
11) I’ll Be There
12) Push Me To The Floor
13) Should We Fight Back
14) Louder Than Bombs
15) Life Design (Live)