Miranda attended a small art school called Lady Grey Arts Academy in the Eastern Cape. She describes herself as “a tom boy at school who was in love with the arts, so pretty much a loner too.” She has always displayed a creative flair and often changed her mind about what she wanted to do when she was little. She first wanted to paint, at art school she changed her mind and decided she wanted to be an actress, then a singer.

When Miranda finished school she studied for a degree in Live Performance at AFDA in Johannesburg. Her break in the television industry was a role in Mthunzini.com. She then landed a support to lead role in Tshisa II where people noticed her talent. Her big break came when she got booked in Rhythm City.

Her dad is her inspiration in life, she says, “he is a hard working man and raised me by himself. My mom died when I was really young and dad managed to play both roles.” To keep stability in her life she says, “I am one of the main bookers in the children’s division at the agency where I work. I appreciate this stable job especially when acting jobs dry up at times. I am blessed to work for a company that allows me to do my acting on the side.”

Miranda also studied music and is working on her own album, Beautiful Beginnings. When she feels down she listens to I’ve got something that this world can take by Joyous Celebration. Her favourite movie stars are Leonardo Di Caprio and Charlize Theron because “they know how to embody their characters.” Isidingo is her favourite television show because “they tell unmasked South African stories.” She listens to Metro FM because “they play good music that speaks to the soul.”

If granted three wishes, Miranda says: “I’d meet my mom, just to see what kind of woman she was, I’d make sure there are enough schools for all the children in South Africa and I’d eliminate poverty.” For the future she says, “I want to open a youth centre. I want more funding to be available for actors so that more of us can work. I also hope one day that actors will be paid so well, we could afford to act fulltime for a living.”

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