Falling Aces is the novel side project of renowned South African cover and tribute band, White Rabbit, which recently expanded its offerings to also include original local rock music.

This new direction sees White Rabbit teaming up with guest artists to produce highly original tracks that appeal to a diverse local listening market. Falling Aces is the first of such collaborations and features vocals of local songstress, Illana Stassen, which can best be described as Gwen Stefani style with a hint of Amy Lee.

“We have a long standing working relationship with Illana and thought she would be perfect for the first project. The project itself was an exciting direction for us, combining a nice, heavy, but commercial sound with both male and female vocals along with a modern touch of electronic elements and effects. The way we worked the songs and the sound is not something that's been done before in SA and Illana has been such an important part of our lives & has such an incredible voice that we just had to do this project with her.”

The first two singles, Perfect Mistake and Take My Pain Away, for release to radio this June, are songs that are reflective of the journey of life and the relationships we have along the way. “Perfect Mistake is a song about the struggles in a relationship, but at the end finding a way to make it work, even if that means that sometimes the only way to end a fight is to join the fight! Take My Pain Away is about the struggle of letting go of the past and how time is the only thing that can heal all wounds.”

The singles are accompanied by three incredibly evocative videos that have been recorded as a trilogy – three separate videos but with one overall theme. This hugely exciting concept was made possible through the unique vision of the band, which was successfully brought to life by film director, Marnus Tredoux.

Videos can we accessed on You Tube and off the bands Facebook page, as well as on the band's website.

White Rabbit comprises Johan Du Plooy on vocals and rhythm guitar; Louis Pretorius on bass; Devlon Horne on lead guitar; and Martin Jacobs on drums, and is well-known on the local club, live music and corporate scene as well as internationally in the United Arab Emirates where it’s a regular on the bills of hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The band has earned itself a solid reputation for being able to play any genre of music from across the spectrum, and it’s from here that it draws its current repertoire of more than 250 cover songs. These include everything from classic rock, pop and punk to reggae, R&B, soul and hip hop.

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