Louw explains that he took a sabbatical from his own career two years ago in order to start the company with the aim of providing a platform for other opera singers to perform on stage in professional productions.

“Not only did I focus on Sempre Opera, but also to improve the quality of my own voice and the product I deliver to audiences. Now that I am ready to focus on my own career again, I will no longer be involved with Sempre Opera.”

He further says that he believes Sempre Opera is ready to walk the walk on their own without him having to guide them. “The company has amazing voices, all with the ability to make a great career if they continue working hard at it.”

What makes Sempre Opera different is that the singers are also the management and workers of the company. It is the singers, who jointly, put together the programmes, arrange the venues, sell the tickets, do the marketing and find sponsors. They are even responsible for building the sets and will make their own costumes if it comes down to that.

On Saturday, 15 December, Louw will make his final bow on stage with Sempre Opera at the Johannesburg Promusica Theatre in the company’s annual Christmas Gala Concert before embarking on his own series of concerts in 2013.