Manku says “The great thing about Skeem Saam is that it educates parents and youngsters about the decisions that young people take. Ordinary South Africans will have a more open look at the reactions that they have to decisions made. Young guys will realise that every action has a reaction and the importance of thinking about something before you do it is clearly established in the story.”

Born in Limpopo and raised in Newlands, Johannesburg, Manku is the eldest daughter of five children. From a young age she had dreams of being in the media industry. Her first television appearance was at the age of 16 as a talk show host for Soweto TV. She later worked as a presenter on YoTV and Matrics Uploaded. She is busy with her final year of studies towards a Bachelors Degree in Motion Picture.

“I am currently studying at AFDA. I enjoy every minute of it; making films is the field for me. Even though I decided to acquire a film editing skill I love being in front of the camera. Landing a role in Skeem Saam is a feeling I can’t describe, this opportunity is a great challenge because I would love to grow as an actress, and being able to act in my mother tongue is a cherry on top.”

Manku listens to Thobela Fm and enjoys RnB and Gospel. Her favourite film is Memento because “it challenged me, I had to watch it more than once and I think as a filmmaker such films make you grow”. Her favourite actors are Sello Maake Ka Ncube, Shoki Sebotsane and Thandie Newton. She loved Skeem Saam from the first episode and Zone 14 is a favourite although there are too many to choose from.