By Jolene Maré

As radio is the medium that most of the people have access to, it becomes a tool to keep one informed, entertained and educated. Therefore it is important to find the right radio station that provides just that. But how do you find a good radio station that tick all the boxes? What characteristics should one look out for? With this in mind here are the top three characteristics of good radio.

Variety of Music

“[M]ost of us love music, thus we call ourselves music lovers. We are entertained by different song genres especially if we want to relax. Some opt to listen to rock music. Others are more fans of love songs which are soothing to hear. Teenagers want RnB, Ballads or rap choices. Whatever your choice of music is, one thing is for sure, and you listen to the radio, be it for fun, relaxation or information,” according to a post on Dr Blog Stein.

In South Africa we have a wide range of different cultures, so music taste can vary from person to person. But in order to stand out as a good radio station, one has to supply listeners with a variety. People in general are picky; the wider the variety, the more people you can reach.

National and international news

Radio is a very helpful medium to give audiences immediate news. But as a listener, you might not want to hear about the stock exchange rate in Cairo. So, as a good radio station, you have to provide listeners with information that is relevant to them.

“There are variations when it comes to talk radio. As mentioned, stations do not only play music or advertise products and services. They are more of being informative, active and responsive. Important information are given emphasize so listeners can actively participate in the world they live in. Some variations include liberal talk, educational talk, conservative talk, sports talk, hot talk, etc. Some variations even include family concerns,” adds Dr Blog Stein.

Entertaining and intelligent presenters

Presenters are important as they are the ‘personality’ of the radio station. They do the talking, be it news, jokes, conducting interviews or taking call. And as a presenter, one needs to identify with all listeners.

“In a nutshell that means you should have some flair about you. No one wants to sit and listen to a monotone host who sounds like he or she would rather be somewhere else other than hosting their own show. Listen to some of your favourite hosts. What is it about them that you enjoy? I guarantee you one of the things you will say is they have personality,” writes media trainer, Beverly Mahone on her personal website.

“Listen to the radio, have fun with it, and open your ears,” concludes Sandra Muller in an article written by Thomas Giger Radio I Love It.

What are your thoughts? Do you know of any other characteristics of good radio? Tell us below.