The series is produced by Brainwave Productions. The Republiek van Zoid Afrika, KykNet’s best kept secret is a talk show with a difference. The audience members consisted of loyal Zoid fans that had no idea they would be part of a television show.

The fans were led to believe they were attending a “secret gig”. Guests featured on the show include Helen Zille, Pieter Dirk Uys and Riaan Cruywagen to name but a few. A unique aspect of the show is that it has been facilitated by the recently launched, MagnaTude Studios & Post – Cape Town’s first high definition studio.

The show is set in a 360-degree configuration. Zoid and her guests are positioned in a triangular formation consisting of a couch and two armchairs. Cameras are positioned all the way around the lounge setting, carefully hidden.

A “backstage” setting is created through the clever use of musical instruments, cases and amplifiers that are visible in the background. The audience is also visible in the background behind the couch, which adds to the intimate atmosphere of the show.

“There are technical challenges in this way of shooting, but done right it creates a very intimate setting for the talk show and allows Zoid and her guests to face each other as you would in a living room,” says, Ilana Gordon – MagnaTude’s studio.

Each episode closes with a duet between Zoid and one of the guests. Some famous names you can expect to see in these collaborations are Laurika Rauch, Dorothy Masuka, Zolani Mahola and Kurt Darren.

Also included in the show are comedic skits featuring Esther Von Waltzleben who joins Zoid to create some very memorable and familiar characters. Look out for Boereraad vir Bands, and a new pan-flute CD called Holriete.

“It has been very exciting facilitating this production. It looks and feels different, and is totally unique compared to conventional talk shows. KykNet viewers will love it,” says Gordon.