In series 3, somehow Nuzzle and Scratch have managed to get jobs at the Frock N Roll fancy dress shop. With costumes galore and props stacked high, it is a place teetering with comedy potential.

Their job is to pick out costumes from amongst the rails ready for collection. But the temptation is all too much, and they are unable to resist the temptation to get dressed up and hit the town.

Nuzzle & Scratch: Frock N Roll sees the troublesome duo dress up as gnomes who struggle with the concept of keeping still, superheroes who attempt to rescue a kite that is stuck up a tree and furry princesses complete with flowing hair and conical hats. They also dress up as train guards with the aim of getting a steam train to Bingly on time, and carrots in order to help find Wendy’s rabbit.

Nuzzle & Scratch: Frock N Roll series 3
 airs from Tuesday, 17 March at 15:55 on CBeebies, channel 306 on DStv.