In M-Net's brand new series of documentaries titled My Story, some of the country's biggest personalities share the truth behind the headlines and the real details of their life in the limelight.

My Story, which starts on Sunday, 17 May at 18:00, on channel 101 on DStv, will feature the likes of Patricia Lewis, PJ Powers, DJ Fresh, Barry Hilton and Ryk Neethling. Viewers will be taken be taken on a journey from their formative years through trials and tribulations, to the present day.

The first week, the show kicks off with the remarkable story of legendary performer PJ Powers – from her early start as an awkward teen, to her extraordinary rise to fame, which was peppered with pivotal milestones and watershed lows.

In an honest, unabridged glimpse into all of the momentous highlights of her remarkable life, Powers, who was given the name 'Thandeka' by her adoring fans, gives a touching account of her friendship with Madiba, her descent into alcohol addiction and consequent recovery. The episode will also feature interviews with some of Powers' closest friends and family.

The series will run for 13 weeks on M-Net, channel 101 on DStv.

For more information, visit the M-Net website. Alternatively, join the conversation on social media using the #MNetMyStory hashtag.