Tshwane’s Big Bill

Why did the City of Tshwane pull the plug on a contract to install smart meters into most of the city's residences, blowing nearly a billion rand in the process? Carte Blanche follows a paper trail leading to a controversial project that city councillors have dubbed the biggest financial disaster ever to hit a South African city.

Melanoma Breakthrough

When Melissa Taylor was diagnosed with advanced malignant melanoma, her daughter was only a year old. It was unlikely she would see her grow up. But the fact that this sort of cancer is very closely linked to the immune system, would become her saving grace. Carte Blanche investigates an innovative new drug that treats advanced melanoma by recruiting the body’s own immune system to specifically fight cancer cells.

Failing foreign doctors

South Africa has a critical shortage of doctors and specialists. So why are highly skilled foreign doctors desperate to make a difference in the country, being turned away? Carte Blanche investigates the ineffective Health Professions Council policies and administrative delays resulting in a devastating loss of medical expertise.

Gita November

She applies makeup, brushes back her shoulder-length hair and slips effortlessly into stiletto heels before another day’s work. Gita November is a site co-ordinator for SWEAT and she’s changing the lives of sex workers on the margins of society. But that’s her day job. Gita is also a transgender sex worker. In a candid interview about her struggles to overcome prejudice and how she’s found meaning in her new role protecting sex workers, Gita shows Carte Blanche how anyone can triumph.

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