SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho introduces Usindiso, a 13-part drama series which starts on Tuesday 11 December at 20:30.

Usindiso tells the story of two young female singers, Brenda (Nomonde Mbusi) and Gabriella (Cody Caprari), and their charismatic, enigmatic leader, Winston (Jet Ka Mgcanabana), using the backdrop of a Gospel singing group and church in the inner city of Johannesburg.

Simphiwe Mthembu, SABC1’s spokesperson says, “In its mission to remain Mzansi undisputed #1 Story-teller, SABC1 continues to search for exceptional stories that reflect the essence of what it means to live in Mzansi. We believe we have found another rare treasure in the drama series Usindiso. Viewers should look forward to one of the best stories ever to be screened on Mzansi’s leading television channel”.

The series deals with the conflict between private and public personas, personal redemption, and public exploitation of the sanitized media spin, between politics and individual choices, between the desire to be a star, and the reality, the tensions within and outside of the gospel group and the jealousies and insecurities that could tear the group apart, or bind them together.

Usindiso combines the soaring sounds of Gospel music, to interweave and underline a dramatic, moving story about love, failure, betrayal and redemption, rock and roll and religion. The music is a combination of rock and gospel which will appeal to all demographics.

Bridget Pickering, the series producer says, “Questioning is a cornerstone of life. It has to be. Without constant questioning and testing, you cannot have belief. Without belief you cannot have Faith. Without Faith you cannot have Redemption – however you define it – Or can you? We may not answer the questions, but we'll leave a lot of people thinking about them. And that, ultimately, is the purpose of television - to draw people to watch, to move them, and to make them think”.