A high profile state event took place and brought together captains of industry, leaders from civil society, members of Cabinet and eminent persons in addition to all the Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to South Africa.

The President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, gave the keynote address. South Africa’s very own International Climate Activist and Renowned Humanitarian, Catherine Constantinides was honoured for her work around the world. Awarded for being a South African Ambassador through excellence in all she does, innovation as a social entrepreneur and her social responsibility, the award highlights Constantinides’ patriotism for South Africa.

Announced as the Ubuntu Youth Diplomacy Award recipient, Constantinides was one of eight award-winners from across different categories ranging from cultural, economics, sports and CSI.

She said, “I’m truly humbled and overwhelmed to be recognised and acknowledged at such a level for my work as an international climate activist, social entrepreneur and humanitarian. The work done through the Miss Earth South Africa leadership platform over the past decade as well as Generation Earth was highlighted at the awards and is a powerful endorsement of our passion and pursuit to building a sustainable future where there is enough, for all, forever. Additionally, I am truly humbled that my work for the plight of the Western Sahara was given this platform as well as diplomatic support.”

In 2015, Constantinides stayed in a refugee camp in Algeria with the Saharawi people and has done extensive work ever since to fight for the rights, self-determination and a referendum for the people of the Western Sahara.

“I humbly thank everyone for their support and belief in me and my work,” said Constantinides. “I come from a community that I am truly proud of and that I believe is a reflection of what is indeed possible in our country and continent. I am proud to fly our flag high and will continue to be an ambassador for our country and the causes close to my heart, as we build the South Africa and Africa we believe is possible.” 

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