Filming the promo video for 1000 Drawings included a long list of talented volunteers and their time. It took three hours on the day before the shoot to lay out the picture with all the starring parts and then 13 hours to do the full animation - with Juniper moving each piece of stationary individually and over and over again.

“I’ve been on a coffee detox,” reports Juniper. “But with the kind day I knew stretched before me, I chose to have a cup of coffee as we started shooting. Obviously, I got the shakes and kept bumping things. We had to restart about three times. I may have cried a little bit...”

A total of 343 photographs were taken to make this story come to life while about 500 individual items were used to create the scenes. 

Click here to view the promo video.

Night of 1000 Drawings is South Africa’s biggest, one night only, inner-city art exhibition and sale to raise funds for education. It is an empowerment project that culminates in a one-night-only, massive inner-city art sale to raise funds for a deserving cause.

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