The study reveals that the consequences of cyberbullying of young victims include serious problems with health and socialisation. Considering the realities of cyberbullying, and the potential negative side effects of the connected and digital world to children, SaveTNet Cyber Safety, a registered non-profit company, organised a series of cyberbullying focused talks at the following schools in Orkney; Laerskool Orkney, Western Reefs Primary School, and Laerskool Noorvaal.

Kaspersky Lab is a supporter of the SaveTNet initiative and team, and in line with this, is supporting the cyberbullying focused education and awareness talk that the SaveTNet founder will be hosting for parents and learners at these schools. The purpose of the talk is to share the cyber-savvy message and equip both parents and learners with the relevant tools and knowledge they need, to not only be responsible digital citizens but to also effectively protect themselves.

The attendees will also gain insights into key elements around cyberbullying realties, as well as learn about the Kaspersky Safe Kids product, which has been designed to help parents/guardians to mentor kids on device usage time and guide them to cyber safety. The product also provides access to get professional advice from psychologists to help explain security issues to kids.

Rianette Leibowitz, CEO at SaveTNet Cyber Safety NPC, says, “By working with partners such as Kaspersky Lab, we are able to share the cyber safety message with a wider audience, while we afford big brands the opportunity to connect with communities they wouldn't necessarily be able to engage with”.

Riaan Badenhorst, general manager of Kaspersky Lab Africa, adds, “We believe that cyberbullying is one of the most dangerous things that can confront a child on the Internet today and, as such, is an area that needs to be addressed in this modern connected world. Unfortunately, a large part of the problem is that parents are rarely aware of cyberbullying that may be happening to their kids – as often kids don’t speak up about it. The more we learn about this type of bullying, the more action we can take, and so creating awareness and educating on this topic across various communities is something that the Kaspersky Lab brand are dedicated to positioning, where supporting this talk comes naturally to us.”

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