The International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation (IWEC) is a New York-based non-profit organisation that connects and develops successful women business owners in a global network. Its influential constituents’ companies have a combined annual revenue of over $25-billion and employ more than 125 000 people.

The Turkingtons' award is one of five South African accolades for 2017, going to businesses with a combined annual turnover of nearly R500-million. Janine Myburgh, president of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and an IWEC board member, paid tribute to the South African winners recently, saying it was inspiring to see women building successful businesses in a difficult economic climate.

"They embody the spirit of enterprise that we so desperately need in this country, and they set an outstanding example for others," adds Myburgh.

"We’re delighted. Particularly because Flow Communications is a relatively young company, only having been established in 2005. In the past 12 years, we have grown Flow, along with our chairman, Bheki Shongwe, and our amazing staff, into a leader in the South African communications and digital spaces. We now employ around 80 people," says Tara.

"Winning this award is clear confirmation that Flow is a firm that can – and certainly will in the not-too-distant future – compete successfully in the international arena. We have great plans for our company’s future, and this prestigious IWEC Award goes a long way in growing our business networks, bolstering Flow’s expansion prospects and putting us on the global map."

Tiffany adds, "This award is absolutely a big thumbs-up for our business and, importantly for us, the way we do business. In our interviews with the judges, they remarked on our infectious optimism and sincerity. We love that we have created so many jobs and that it is a place for people to do great work."

"We have continued to hire and to grow despite the slow economy. The digital conversations that our clients are having with their customers are not geographically restricted and we are not restricted in our conversations with our clients in the same way – seeking out new business in more countries," Tiffany says.

The Turkingtons' will receive their award at the 2017 IWEC Conference – which also marks the organisation’s 10th anniversary – at the Microsoft corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington State in the United States in November.

The conference will have as its theme 'Connecting Women Businesses Globally: Accelerating Growth through Innovation and Technology', which speaks not only to its sponsor Microsoft’s venue, but also to IWEC’s emphasis on mentoring, education, and cross-collaboration across borders.

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