Eurolab is a generic oncology company in South Africa, with a growth plan that delivers innovations in all aspects of cancer diagnosis, treatments, therapies, and technologies. Its 'whole-of-cancer' approach focuses on patients, their health, and relieving their financial stress during, and after, their illness.

"Our business has experienced rapid growth and, because we have a multitude of new cancer treatments, therapies, and technologies on the horizon, we’re poised to expand even further," says Lynne du Toit, CEO of Eurolab.

Du Toit adds, "We realised the need for an effective communications partner to tell our story and chose Tribeca as we believe that the team will get us talking to the people important to our business; oncologists, radiation oncologists and, most importantly, the patients who can benefit from our innovative range of cancer products, services, and solutions."

"Tribeca applies solid public relations principles to each client we work with to help them achieve their goals, regardless of their industry," says Cian Mac Eochaidh, co-owner and director of Tribeca.

"We particularly enjoy working with South African companies that are making a positive difference to the country’s citizens, and we look forward to helping Eurolab achieve its communication and business objectives," concludes Mac Eochaidh.

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