As part of the magazine's '#KnowYourRights' campaign, COSMOPOLITAN is publishing content on its website and across its social channels every day until Sunday, 10 December (Human Rights Day) to raise awareness about abuse, the forms it takes – from emotion and physical to sexual and financial – and what individuals can do to get help and support.

COSMOPOLITAN teamed up with illustrator Lambi Chibambo to create illustrations for each day of '#16DaysofActivism', and activist posters (used at the POWA march). Chibambo’s work is also featured daily on COSMOPOLITAN’s Instagram, aiming to drive awareness and education.

Some of the content already published on COSMOPOLITAN's website includes, and covers, the following:

Sexual Abuse: What It is, Your Rights and How to Heal

  • What is sexual abuse and how is it different to sexual assault?;
  • What are the rights involved; and
  • How individuals can report abuse and receive counselling and help.

Yes Means Yes: Consent and Your Rights

  • What is consent, and how to give it (or refuse it);
  • Why affirmative consent and the '#YesMeansYes' movement is important;
  • When individuals can withdraw consent, and change their mind; and
  • Where individuals can receive help if their consent has been violated.

I Believed I Was Going to Die – Physical Abuse: What You Need to Know, Now

You’re Nothing Without Me – What You Need to Know About Emotional Abuse

He Said He Wanted to Take Care of Me. But I Became His Prisoner’

  • What is financial abuse?;
  • How individuals can break free from financial abuse and empower themselves to be financially independent; and
  • What the legal rights are around financial abuse and how individuals can report it.
For more information, contact or visit Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram by using the #KnowYourRights hashtag.