The new ad aims to highlight the similarity of speeding and its consequences with that of domestic abuse. It also aims to challenge male drivers to reappraise their road habits and encourage them to lower their speed on the roads.

Statistics show that male drivers are a high-risk group, which is why women pay lower car insurance. In the last five years, of the 6 581 drivers who have been killed on Western Cape roads, 88.4% were males (1 204), and 11.4% were females (156). This represents 7.7 male drivers killed for every one female driver.

#ManUpSlowDown – 'Safely home'

The Western Cape Government’s 'Safely Home' initiative aims to reduce road fatalities by making people think about the consequences of their actions when behind the wheel, travelling in a car, or walking as a pedestrian. The 'Safely Home' initiative also addresses distracted driving, driving under the influence, seatbelt use, speeding, and vulnerable road users.

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