Adam Byars, CEO and partner of Grid Worldwide, best describes it as “The world has changed and consumers have changed. In fact, everything around us is changing, all the time. We live in a culture of change, and it’s vital that we are open to this culture, that we not only let it in, but that we invite it in, every day.”

GRID Worldwide, a leading South African brand specialist agency, recently launched its new philosophy called 'G in Culture', a mindset that the agency is intent on developing among its staff - top to bottom, and everyone in between, in building a real time strategy model that allows us to stay ahead of culture.

G in Culture, for example, has every single member of the agency collecting daily insights or triggers over the course of a week, from the realities of local land invasions, and potential presidential prosecutions, to global issues and trends like the Facebook data leaks and the salacious behavior of the president of the United States.

The triggers are collected, collated and distilled into top five or six insights, which are then discussed at an hour-long weekly staff meetings called G-Live. These discussions not only probe the triggers themselves, but also delve into the why, as well as the broader, longer term implications - for society at large, as well as brands in particular.

“We believe that brands lies at the very heart of every business. Our aim is to create brands so powerful that they impact on every part of the business, and every person in the organisation. The only way to do that, is to create something that means something to every part and every person. And the only way to create something that is meaningful, is to ground it in culture,” says Byars.

This is what GRID calls ‘Playing in Culture’.

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